Weedon Station Project

Learn more about the project, what is happening now and what is we are doing to take your opinions into consideration, with an end goal, to reconnect Weedon and Daventry to rail.

Bringing the convenience of rail back to Weedon

With the Weedon Railway Station project, we need to show Network Rail and the Government that Weedon is in need of a modern and convenient transport link. The railway already goes through Weedon, why don't we build a railway station.

Already space

You can even see the old station building from this spot. This would be the perfect area to keep the heritage of the old station, but to build something modern on top of that.

Northamptonshire is in need

Northamtonshire only has six train stations, and only one of them have high-speed trains stopping at them. We need to improve Northamptonshire's rail transport links.

Long Buckby is hard to access

Almost none of Northamptonshire stations are wheelchair-friendly or easy to access. Creating a new Weedon station with wheelchair access in mind will improve rail access for those with these needs. This image is the stairs to platform 2 at Long Buckby.

Daventry Parkway

The town of Daventry is one of the largest towns in the country without a rail link, and Long Buckby is hard to access not only with a wheelchair, but also by road from Daventry. Long Buckby is supposed to act as Daventry Parkway. It does a terrible job at this.



Car park proposals

Daventry Parkway

Download the whitepaper

Our whitepaper outlines our plans for a Weedon Station/Daventry Parkway. You can download it from the link below. It is updated twice every week.

Daventry Shuttle

A 5.4 mile concept for a 15min-frequent shuttle service between Daventry Town and the new Weedon Station/Daventry Parkway, similar to the Stourbridge Shuttle in West Midlands, with simple fares and simple season ticketing.

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